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Can be used by all

Can anyone use the patch?


Both children and adults can use the Bee-Patch. It is only tested on adult subjects. The patch has also been on trial in various schools and Kindergartens around Denmark. Here, both children and adults enjoyed the gentle treatment for wasp stings.

On the Music Festival "Langelandsfestivalen" in 2009, 29 persons were treated with Bee-Patch. The patch is also tested by the Danish lifeguards during the summer season.

At the island Ærø in the south of Denmark, all Children's Daycare have the Bee-Patch for First Aid treatment.

"The Danish footballers U21 national team each have a package Bee-patch in their bag when they train." Says Christian Bordinggaard.

Moreover, we sent both Caroline Wozniacki and Soren Kjeldsen a package Bee-patch when they are out and defend the Danish colors.

Are you allergic to bee or wasp stings you should follow your doctor´s advice regarding medication. This patch cannot cure an allergic reaction. But used as a supplement when the medication is ingested.


Yes, yes, but does it work?

Go to the blog, "click here" and see other people´s experiences with the patch. Have you tried the patch, please feel free to write your story and participate in our competition for a year´s supply of Bee-Patch.


Treatment at once.

It is important to apply the patch immediately after a bee or wasp sting. If it takes too long after the sting, the poison will partition into the skin and it will be difficult to draw the poison out. Therefore, always keep a pack of Bee-Patch near yourself and your family during the wasp season May to September.

Various treatments for bee and wasp stings

Bee-Patch patch: Effectively removes the poison from the skin without attracting other
Sugar:  Effectively removes the poison out of the skin, but can attract other insects.
Antihistamines: Reduces the effect of the poison in the body.
Hydrocortisones: Reduces the local reaction of the poison.
Local anesthetics creams: Reduces pain, but does not remove the poison.
Ice/Cooling: Reduces pain around the puncture site, but does not remove the poison.