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How it works

Sugar patch

The patch works like a sugar cube. Inside the patch is a patented sugar membrane. When you get stung, you remove the stinger, put a drop of water or salvia on the puncture and place the patch on top. By means of osmosis the toxins are removed from the skin into the patch. Children and adults can continue their play during the treatment.
By removing the poison, you also remove the pain and swelling. The result is pain relief within 5-10 min. and avoids severe swelling and itching the following days. During treatment with Bee-patch you are guaranteed that the sugar cannot attract other bees and wasps.


How long should the patch be on the skin?

The patch has a soothing effect already after 5 minutes. However, in order to extract as much of the poison from the skin as possible, the patch should be used 1 hour.