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I use Bee-Patch

Below are samples taken from others who also use Bee-Patch

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Hanne Yttesen February 29, 2012.

When we were on summer vacation in Bulgaria, my daughter was so unfortunate to be stung by several bees, as we stood and waited for the bus. We quickly put the Bee-Patch patch on the stings and they helped lowering the pain and swelling. We were really happy to have a package Bee-Patch in our bag and I will continue having this every summer.

Victor Lorentzen August 21, 2011

I was in Spain this summer and I climbed over a fence when I was stung by a bee on my leg, we put the patch on it and it worked within minutes. When I tried a second time to climb the fence some bees were near my head. I jumped onto the golf course on the other side of the fence when I realized that another bee had stung me on my ear flip. I got another patch on my ear and it helped as well. This time I decided to climb over the fence somewhere else.

Sorensen August 18, 2011.

It must be like the principle of the old remedy with a sugar cube. I do not think there was a great effect of the patch, unfortunately.

Hanne Larsen August 15, 2011.

At this year´s summer vacation my husband was stung no less than twice. One was definitely a horsefly - the second he didn´t see. However, Bee-Patch helped right away, so the swelling was not so big and the pain quickly disappeared.

Givskud ZOO August 2, 2011.

We are very pleased to have Bee-Patch available here in the Lion Park in Denmark. Every summer we have a lot of guests and daily, some will be stung of either wasps or bees, it´s easy and quick to treat them with Bee-Patch which gives a positive effect. It is for us a must to have, handy, easy to use and most importantly, it works. We can only recommend Bee-Patch./Michael.

R. Pedersen 14 April, 2011.

How to… A friend visited me a few days before he went on holiday to Thailand. We gave him a package of Bee-Patch which we bought last spring. The second day he reported back that his daughter was stung by a local wasp-like insect. Bee-Patch was in his pocket and was immediately used with almost immediate effect. A story that proves why the Bee-Patch should always be next to your driver´s license and social security card J

Monica Vestergaard Janary 7, 2011.

For training this summer at Simons Golf Club one of my colleagues was stung by a wasp. Fortunately, I could offer him a Bee-Patch patch for treatment. He then phoned me afterwards and said thanks for the patch which had helped a lot, no swelling or pain. I always have a pack of patch when I play golf from now on, all the year. Regards Monica Vestergaard Christiansen golf player.

Karina Lorentzen September 15, 2010.

My son got a packet of Bee-Patch during Football Summer School which we brought to Spain during our holiday. There were a lot of bees around the swimming pool because they drank the water. We tried to navigate around them but my daughter was unfortunately stung. We used Bee-Patch on her and after only a few minutes she was ready to play again and swam around the pool now wearing the patch. It surprised me how quickly the pain relief worked, as we probably all remember how painful it really is when bees sting.

Michael Storgaard September 12, 2010.

I got a sample pack Bee-Patch last year and have now used the patch twice. This summer my wife got stung by a bee at the right eye in connection with gardening. Environments around the eye swell dramatically in minutes after, so we immediately took the box with Bee-Patch and placed the patch on the sting. And voila, immediately both pain and swelling was lowered. After about 50 minutes the swelling was decreased and my wife regained her normal facial pretty face. In the summer holidays in Portugal in July 2010, I was stung by a bee on the right arm and like my wife the swelling and discomfort vanished within 40 minutes. I got the package from my good friend Per who told me about the nice effect of this patch. I can tell you that per told the truth. Me and my family are convinced that the patch have a very nice effect. We have recommended our friends to buy it - especially when they have their little grandchildren and have planned expeditions in the "wild". Bee-patch is a good thing to take along on vacation - or when you move out into the nature!

Ms. Meyrick September 11, 2010.

At a reception outdoor on a Friday evening in August, I was suddenly stung by a wasp. After a minute, my hand swelled and throbbed, so I couldn't keep my glass. Luckily we had a box of Bee-Patch lying in the glove compartment of the car. This is the first time I´ve tried the patch and I was very surprised how quickly it worked. After just ten minutes the pain was almost gone and I soon forgot all about the sting. The warmest recommendations from here.

Thomas Andersen August 11, 2010.

My son was stung / bitten last summer by a bumblebee and from his point of view the patch had a positive effect, lowering the pain and less discomfort afterwards.

Tom Christensen June 10, 2010.

I would like to give my warmest recommendations about Bee-Patch. Normally I respond very violently towards wasp stings. I do not know if the wasps/bees are aware of this because I get stung regularly. This is why I bought the Bee-patch for home as well as for work. I was stung late summer last year and used the patch with a stunning effect. There were no pain and swelling after the sting and treatment. Normally, I get a violent reaction. Highly recommended for children too. Tom Christensen.